Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I love Jack Welch

I just finished listening to Jack Welch's autobiography Jack: Straight from the Gut (audio), and I love the way this man thinks.

The book chronicles his ascent to the top job at General Electric (GE) and the things he did during his 20 years running the company as Chariman and CEO. There aren't a ton of take-aways that I could see - for me they were: strive for excellence, always keep learning and challenging yourself, I want to work for GE, and I want to own GE stock. More than anything else, the value of this book is in the role model/motivational aspect of the story. Jack Welch's love of excellence is infectious and you can't help but want to match his enthusiasm with enthusiasm yourself.

I suppose now I owe it to myself to investigate the counter arguments, to look into all of the people who are critical of Welch. But, first, I'm going to finish listening to his new book Winning (audio). I'm an hour in and this book already promisses many more kernels of wisdom and advice than his autobiography. The books are a great 1-2 punch: what I did and then how I did it and what you can do.

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