Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Rules for reaching my Goal:
  1. Inherited money does not count. Not that I expect to get too much, but in case I do, that does not count towards my goal.
  2. Lotteries and other games of chance do not count. I am not going to pay the stupidity tax to begin with, so there isn't even a chance that I would win a regular lottery. If I am the 1,000,000th shopper, that doesn't count either.
  3. I must provide monthly updates.
  4. I have until December 31 of the year I turn 30 to meet my goal. I'm doing this so that the Retire at 30 fiscal year matches the calendar year. It gives me about 1 extra month to meet my goal.

Rules for the blog in general:
  1. When I talk about a product and when feasible, I will add a link to that product.
  2. Product reviews must be done to add value for readers and will always contain my honest opinions. If I am asked by a product owner to review their product (should this blog ever reach that level of popularity) then I will do so under full disclosure (being paid, how much). I repeat, I will not bias my opinions or plug products that I think are junk.
As I go along and find other points that need clarification, I may add to this post.

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