Monday, December 19, 2005

Carnival of Investing - Issue #1

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first-ever Carnival of Investing. We had some great submissions from across the blogosphere offering advice and insight into a wide breadth of investing topics. The purpose of this carnival is to gather the best the web has to offer on investing and to hopefully expose you to some bloggers you didn't already know about. Without further ado, let the carnival begin:

We had 4 entries about getting started in investing:

Asset Allocation:

Index Funds:



Economic Indicators:

In terms of Levity:

Thanks to everyone who submitted articles for the inaugural edition. Next week will be hosted by AllThingsFinancial. You can find the submit form here and guidelines are always available here.


personal finance advice said...

Thanks for hosting and getting this started. Looks like some good reading.

Kyle Welsh said...

Nice job - lots of good info.

Alex Givant said...

Check here about Triple Witch Friday.

Jay Solo said...

If you let me know when it's up each week, I'll try to make a point of announcing it at, same as I try to do with the Carnival of Marketing.