Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas gift advice?

Does anybody know of a good place where I can buy financially solvent christmas gifts? I'm looking for a service to buy a few shares or fractional of stock to give as gifts. I hate stuff, and I would not wish getting a present of stuff on anyone who I love.

I know that does this, but (using kenneth cole as an example) the $27 share of stock (trading at 26.49 as of close today) plus frame and transfer fee adds up to $110. That's not a great deal, and certainly no way to help my loved ones build wealth.

So, any ideas?

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Empty Spaces Inc. said...

instead of doing that give gifts of gold or silver coins.
You can buy 1 oz silver coins on ebay for about $15-20. gold coins are nicer but a lot more expensive. for a $50 coin, you'll need a bloody magnifying glass!
My favorites are the Australian lunar silver coins. Silver is expected to jump 50% in the next few years.