Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Free money for opening online savings accounts

There are a number of banks out there who will give you money just for opening an account with them, and this fact has made its way all across cyberspace. Most of the ones I know of (ING Direct and Virtual Bank) are "refer a friend and they get $xx, you get $yy" deals.

Why do they do this? Because it costs them advertising money to get new customers, and by paying you and a friend to do the advertising for them they only have to pay when a new account is created.

It is amazing how so many "anonymous" bloggers will fall hand over foot to tell you their identity for a $10 referral bonus. Well, not me. I have accounts at ING and Virtual Bank, but I'm sure as hell not telling you my name. That's private information.

But, in case you would like to get a $25 sign up bonus from ING Direct, or a $20 bonus from Virtual Bank, or even a $10 "unofficial" bonus from Emigrant Direct, here are links to other bloggers who will willingly send you the links to sign up:

ING Direct - Get $25 (they get $10) when you fund your account with the $250 minimum. Currently Yielding 3.75%:

Virtual Bank eMoney Market - Get $20 (they get $20) when you fund your acocunt with the $100 minimum. Not sure how long you have to maintain that balance. Currently yielding 3.55%.

Emigrant Direct - unofficial $10 Bonus (of his $20 commission) is offered by (that's right, you guessed it) My Money Blog with an insanely low minimum of $1. Currently yielding 4%

rumored - HSBC Direct - $25
when you sign up with the code Start. I tried this, but missed the place to put the code in so I don't know if this works or not. Also currently yielding 4%

If you are also selling your soul...err... Referring people and I have left you off the list email me at

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